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Family Traditions

Family traditions are the very heart of family loyalty and faithfulness. They are the oxygen that sustains families in tough times and these days of COVID 19, Online Schools, parent busy schedules, traditions sometimes are left behind.

Family Traditions are something that get passed down from parent to child. It is something familiar that a parent may do with their child every birthday, every holidays, or maybe just something that they do the same time each year.   Family traditions fill us with warm feelings, make us feel safe, and teach us to value what matters most

Some family traditions are a large breakfast every Sunday with the whole family, putting up the tree or going shopping the day after Thanksgiving or just going to see the local Christmas light show.  Whatever your family traditions are, they all share a common thread: they remind of us the good days and family love. 

When my kids were young and money was tight, we would dedicate one special evening during the holidays creating delicate confections, cookies and tasty treats for the kids’ teachers.   This grew to become an annual tradition in our home.

The kids began to invite friends over each year to join us, and they would spend weeks prior excitedly prepping and deciding on recipes that they wanted to try.  The evening event grew to encompass an entire weekend, and by Sunday morning, the kitchen became a treasure trove of mouthwatering sweet delights, carefully wrapped and package with every last detail perfected. 

Our love of baking led my daughter and I to take baking classes together, honing our baking skills and growing closer as mother and daughter. 

In the spirit of Family traditions that help your families to build bonds and allow you to become stronger and connect to each other through family rituals.  We have developed a class we are calling Bake and Bond.

This class has been constructed to allow a parent and a child to create simple treats together to share with family and friends.    In our next class in October, we will be decorating treats for Halloween.   Each family will decorate 12 cupcakes with spooky creations.   In December, each family will be decorating a Ginger Bread House.

Bake and Bond details:

  • All supplies will be included.
  • Mediums that will be used – Icing, Fondant and lots of sprinkles.
  • For your protection and to allow for social distancing the class will be limited to 6 family units (Family units = 1 parent & 1 child).
  • Each class is 3 hours

Upcoming Class dates:

  • October 10th – Halloween themed cupcakes
  • December 6th – Holiday Ginger Bread House

Let us help you to start a wonderful family tradition

Happy Decorating


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