Sheila Brooks Bio

Sheila Brooks has built a reputation of giving the most discerning cake decorator the right tools to succeed.  Her business savvy along with a fined tuned artistic flare have developed an international market for the finest in confectionery arts.

Brooks, a Houston area native and Lamar University graduate, prides herself in the many international contacts that she has established and the star clientele she is bringing to Sugar Land as guest instructors at her one of a kind specialty retail store and hands on instructional classroom.

What started as a hobby has evolved into a first-class operation that gives the beginner on to the professional pastry chef a treasure chest of opportunity to create pure magic with sugar.  It all started with a desire to go beyond the store bought cake and give her family and friends unforgettable creations.

After a few years of her own kitchen productions and attending cake decorating shows, Brooks was approached by English artist, Pat Trunkfield. Through Pat, she first saw her vision of attracting top talent to Texas for enrichment classes so that her many cake decorator friends could experience the best. 

Brooks was asked to start an import business featuring high end English products from the FMM line.  January of 2000, Brooks launched an internet business and in 2003, she opened her storefront in Sugar Land Texas and named it Cake Craft Shoppe.  Success

Beyond the retail side of the business, Brooks is a gifted instructor who can tailor her teaching to all levels.  Her style of teaching gives students opportunities to soar and frankly stumble in the sticky pitfalls of sugar arts.  She believes each student leaves her classroom a notch or two elevated in skill.  She has also taught classes internationally with the first being in England for PME.

Brooks has also entered competitions with her first being in Austin, TX when the Austin show was only a couple of years old. Brooks won a 3rd place in the Masters Division. In addition, she won a 5th place in a live competition at NEC in England and a 3rd place in a live competition at the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show.

Brooks developed a special niche in the confectionery arts, by becoming the first certified PME instructor in the United States. This allowed her to teach professional courses in fondant, sugar flowers and piping and gave students the opportunity to receive masters’ certificates.

Brooks is constantly striving to stay with the trends and travels to places near and far to learn new techniques from the best including, Nicholas Lodge with Sugar Flowers, James Rosselle also with Sugar Flowers, Ewald Notter with blown and pulled sugar, Ron Ben Israel and …..   She credits her longtime friend Kerry Vincent with the birth of reality TV cake competitions which has been a boon to the industry and to Cake Craft Shoppe.

Brooks has the support of her husband Ron and two daughters, Vicki and Susan. Many Aggie cakes have been completed for her daughter, Vicki’s Company – Wolf Pack, while attending Texas A&M University. In 2017, she had the honor of Baking, Decorating and Delivering her daughter, Vicki’s, Wedding Cake. She is looking forward to her other daughter, Susan’s Wedding Cake, if she ever decides to get married.