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Cake Decorating Classes - What to look for

We are living in unprecedented times.   The pandemic has many people looking for ways to earn extra income with a low overhead.  One way is to open your own Home Bakery.    With the updates of The Texas Cottage Law - You can sell your food directly to the end consumer anywhere in Texas.  This is a significant change from the law as it existed from 2013-2019.  You can now sell at any type of event; it doesn’t matter if the sponsor is for-profit or non-profit.  Be aware that local ordinances may apply. 

How to you get to the point where you feel comfortable selling your baked product to the public. You may want to create a cake for a birthday party, an anniversary, a graduation, or other special occasion, or maybe you would like to acquire the skills on which to build a new business! There are many options out there to learn Cake Baking and Decorating skills. It doesn't matter if you’re new to cake decorating or have been struggling with cake decorating for longer than you’d like to admit . . . not to worry. It all starts with a desire to go beyond the store-bought cake and give your customer, family and friend unforgettable creations. 

The way to begin is to have a great tasting product that also looks great. Begin with either experimentation or take some classes. However, when choosing classes, there are some things to consider such as:

  • Cost
  • What do you get in return for your money?
  • Experience of the instructor. Do you like the way the instructor decorates? If not, don’t take their class.
  • What support structure do they have after the class. Are they available to continue to help you and answer questions or do they just disappear?
  • Do they teach you tricks of the trade for a commercial business?
  • Do they teach you the most current trends?
  • Do they have classes that will build on the skills you have already developed?

Cake Craft Shoppe has been teaching people Cake Baking and Decorating skills for over 17 years.   Our instructors have built a reputation of giving the most discerning cake decorator the right tools to succeed. Our classes have evolved into a first-class operation that gives the beginner on to the professional pastry chef a treasure chest of opportunity to create pure magic with sugar.  One of your master instructors, Sheila Brooks developed a special niche in the confectionery arts, by becoming the first certified PME instructor in the United States.  This allows her to teach professional courses in Fondant, Sugar Flowers and Piping.  Allowing our students, the opportunity to receive Master Certificates.  The Cake Craft Shoppe constantly strives to stay with the trends by traveling to places near and far to learn new techniques from some of the best instructors – Nicholas Lodge and James Rosselle with Sugar Flowers, Ewald Notter with blown and pulled Sugar, Colette Peters, Ron Ben-Isreal, Laura Saporitti to name a few.

We just finished up our first Cake Craft Course 1 after the pandemic started.  In order to comply with the CDC Social Distancing requirements, we reduced our class size to a maximum of 6. In addition to trying to stay with the times and accommodate our potential students, we are working on an Online curriculum to help those people that cannot get out due to the pandemic.  

WE have started our classes slowly to make sure what we have implemented works well. As we move along many more classes will be added, both in person and online. We hope that you take time to check out our current classes and continue to watch our website and Facebook Page for new and exciting ones to come. While you are there, how about having a look around. We have been working diligently to bring the website up to date with more information on our products and pictures to match. We still have a ways to go, but it is getting there.  

Happy Decorating

Cyndi Benavides

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Judy Rodgers Aug 21, 2020

Yay!!! So glad you’re opening back up. Am interested in a beginners class for my teenage granddaughter… will keep checking!

Sheila Aug 21, 2020


Thank you for your interest! Looking at the calendar it seems we have a beginner course starting in October. The class would be on the 17th, 24th and the 31st.

You may register online at www.cakecraftshoppe.com, in person or give a call to the store at 832-288-2820.

Cyndi and I look forward to have your daughter in class.

Stay safe and healthy!

KkFIEsBCoAzP Aug 21, 2020


XhMWOAatl Aug 21, 2020


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