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Roxy&Rich Colors

Best new Product on the Market..... Fondust!



Fondust is the best new product. We have our supply in and they are wonderful. 

Want to color fondant or gumpaste without changing the consistency. This product is for you! It is in powder form and we currently carry 4 gr pots in 25 different colors. Trust the color on he label... Not what it looks like in the pot. This image is lemon yellow but it doesn't look like it in the pot. Beautiful yellow! Pure lemon yellow when mixed with your paste.

It is Food Grade, 100% Water soluble and best of all, doesn't have to be mixed with anything to color your paste. Information says that 2 gr. (1/2 of the pot) will color 2 lbs of fondant in 4 minutes. It does take about 4 minutes for the color to mature. All you do is, initially soften you fondant by kneading it a bit, then add in your Fondust and knead it in. If you want small amounts of paste colored, just add a small abouts of Fondust and knead it in.  

It can also be used to paint with but you do need to use water not alcohol. When you mix is product with alcohol, the color changes, so just use water. Can be airbrushed as well, but use water.

Come on in and give it a try! You will love it.

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