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CCS Youth Academy

We are looking for Young Bakers that love baking and cake designing.

We are celebrating 3 years of the CCS Academy

We are looking for students for this year’s 1st year program.  Each student will learn the essentials of baking and cake decorating.  1 year class will be limited to 9 students.   Registration ends August 15th.

Have questions come to your Parent’s Open House on July 27th at 6:00pm.  This is a drop in event, meet the instructors, ask questions, see all the tool kits, and meet other parents.

What will they get for the tuition:

The Academy is a 4-year program – The bakers come to us for 6 months each year (September to March).  September through November they come 1 weekend a month (Saturday and Sunday) and then January to March the will come 1 to 2 weekends a month.

 The program is designed for young bakers that feel that they want to make cakes as a career or even own their own bakery.

 Each year they learn different skill sets to help make them successful:

  • 1st year they learn everything from
    • Kitchen safety
    • Reading Recipes
    • Baking from scratch and box mixes
    • Learn to make several different types of Buttercreams.
    • Piping Basics
    • Buttercream design techniques
  • 2nd year they learn to work (not a lot of baking in 2nd year)
    • With Fondant
    • Gum Paste
    • Modeling Chocolate
    • Sculpting Cakes
    • Cake design and support
  • 3rd year they learn (back to baking)
    • Wedding Cake design (old school designs)
    • Stacking and Tiering cakes
      • Understanding type of cake used for solid support.
    • Working with Royal Icing
  • 4th year they will learn.
    • Pastry baking
    • Working with Isomalt
    • Working with chocolate

 At the end of each year's 6-month program the young bakers will design a cake (based on skills that they have learned) that they will take to Austin for the “That Takes The Cake” Cake Competition.   The competition is around the end of March or 1st of April.

 With the tuition – each year a student will get a kit that will help them to practice skills learned at home.   I have attached a packet for your review.  The last page is a list of the items the 1st year students will receive.  

We only take 6 to 9 students each year in the program.   


Email me at cakecraftshoppe.cyndi@gmail.com to get your registration packet.  You can even pay online use keyword: Academy

Happy Baking

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Maria Muqsit Jun 22, 2023

How can I register my daughter? What is the process?
Looking forward to the details to register for the upcoming year!

Lisa Caruthers Jun 22, 2023

I am interested in signing up my daughter.

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