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New Website

This has been a very interesting experience for someone who had no idea how to create a website. There are many different companies who offer website templates. However for us, the complication has come because we have a brick and mortar store where we sell our products along with the need to be able to travel with our store and sell on the world wide web. 

Many templates looked much easier but would not handle everything we wanted them to. The search was endless and a bit frustrating until we found some apps that would and could tie all our products together without us having to enter each individual product onto the web store.

So what you are seeing is our new website which is not 100% complete. I ma diligently working on getting more pictures out there, getting more information on our products, getting other pages up to date and trying to figure out what additional pages we need.

Suggestions are welcome and if possible, will be incorporated. However keep in mind that I am still learning. I have had some help from Edward Clarke, Beyond the Geek, who has taught me what a lot of the terminology means as well as how to organize some of it. My sincerest thanks for his patience with an old lady who knows just enough to get herself into trouble.

Please continue to watch for updates and changes and the addition of more products.

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Rene Feb 11, 2018

Beautiful work

martin Sule Feb 11, 2018

Great job!

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