Guest Instructor - Ceri Griffiths - Pretty Carnation Celebration Cake

Ceri Griffiths
 Pretty Carnation Celebration Cake!


Join Ceri Griffiths for this intensive royal icing piping class where Ceri will share with you one of his historically inspired cake designs. This pretty, delicate and frivolous class project will challenge your piping skills as the various elements come together culminating in a cake that will raise your piping skills to the next level. This class is for those with previous piping skills. LUNCH INCLUDED!


The skills taught in this class are

Five historically inspired piped borders
Stacked line work
Draped line work
Suspended line work
Two tone icing
Piped carnations
Piped leaves
Piped dots
Cake mapping
Creating and using templates 
Designed by Ceri Griffiths